How to avoid cashmere pilling?

Cashmere is the gentlest fabric of nature, and it needs to be cared for as such for long lasting elegance and luxurious appearance. Here are tips on how to avoid cashmere pilling and keep your cashmere sweaters in good condition:

        Try not to wear the same cashmere sweater for more than three days in a row. Wear different cashmere sweaters in alternate.

        Avoid wearing a cashmere sweater under another piece of clothing with rough friction areas (inside pockets, zippers).

        Do not rub your cashmere sweater with any hard objects

        Do not hang cashmere sweaters on hangers. Store them flat in bags placed in a dry place away from the sun light

        Avoid pulling on the fibers or threads to remove any pilling. Use a wool fiber remover specialized for cashmere sweaters.